What is Dubber?

Dubber is a call recording solution that has been revolutionised by operating from a native cloud platform, going above and beyond legacy solutions. Dubber’s intelligent software has abolished the previous limitations of call recording and opened up a myriad of applications and benefits for all users. With our innovative technologies and additional functionality, Dubber provides a call recording service with increased relevance for everyone.

Legacy call recording solutions traditionally require hardware, which is accompanied by large upfront costs, extensive training and constant maintenance, as well as a need for software licences. Dubber’s call recording solution has eliminated all these issues through our native cloud platform, and instead provides a solution that enables users to concentrate on the benefits of call recording. Dubber provides all the traditional operations of call recording, such as contact centre solutions, PCI compliance, search and filtering, user permissions and more. However, Dubber’s innovative technology also provides additional functionality, allowing businesses to increase their ARPU, efficiency, organisation and productivity.

Dubber’s call recording solution has no CapEx, unlimited storage, unlimited scalability, high security, rapid deployment and additional innovative functions, which include Playback and Zoe, an open API and Lab that acts as a call recording sandbox for testing our services.

What is Dubber?

Through these innovative technologies, a call recording solution with additional relevance and functionality is available for the first time, opening up limitless possibilities. Customers can now choose to save important conversations through Playback and build up a record of captured communications which are available to replay and share. Playback ultimately allows users to increase their productivity.

Dubber’s Zoe Suite is a collection of revolutionary analytic tools, allowing users to engage with their phone conversations like never before. Users will benefit from Smart Search, which intelligently sifts through data, Sentiment, which is able to analyze the overall mood of speakers, and Keywords, which can track and tag chosen phrases within captured communications.

Our native cloud-based platform enables us to deploy our services across the globe, ensuring that our call recording has extensive accessibility. Our software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device. Overall, Dubber’s call recording solution is a fraction of the price of legacy solutions and adaptable to the individual requirements of each user, has additional revolutionary technologies and is managed by us – enabling users to concentrate purely on the benefits for their business and customers.

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