What’s the difference between Dubber and traditional call recording?

Traditional call recording requires hardware to operate. This need for hardware is accompanied by significant costs of implementation, configuration and maintenance, as well as a need for software licenses. Hardware requirements also decrease the flexibility of the call recording solution, as modifying the system to fit growing needs of a company is a time-consuming and costly procedure. To increase server capacity, a company must bear the sizeable costs of upgrading, as well as hiring or training staff to manage the ongoing burden of the call recording hardware on IT systems.

Traditional call recording is therefore limited by its hardware requirements. The recording hardware is accompanied by security issues, large up front costs, limited scalability and prolonged deployment times. Because of these large upfront costs and limited scalability, traditional call recording has mostly been available and accessible to large enterprises and corporations only.

Dubber is a call recording solution that has been transformed to a native cloud based platform. With this new platform come all the benefits of cloud computing. Dubber therefore provides all the traditional functionality of call recording (and more), without the common problems of hardware solutions. Dubber has abolished the previous limitations of call recording, opening up a myriad of extra applications and benefits.

What is the difference between Dubber and traditional call recording?
Primarily, Dubber’s native cloud based platform enables our call recording solution to be fully scalable, due to the elasticity of cloud computing. Dubber’s call recording solution can therefore automatically scale itself as required, upon demand. This means that for the first time, call recording is accessible to organisations of all sizes. Additionally, Dubber’s call recording benefits from no CapEx, rapid deployment, high security, unlimited storage, and additional innovative functions: including Playback, Zoe, an open API and a Lab that acts as a call recording sandbox for testing our services.

Using Dubber, organisations can now benefit from a call recording service that grows as they grow, available through flexible monthly payments based on actual usage. Through Dubber’s innovative functions, a call recording solution with additional relevance and functionality is available for the first time, opening up limitless possibilities for the user. With Playback, customers can now save their important conversations and build up a record of captured communications, which are then available to replay or share as they choose. Dubber’s Zoe Suite is a collection of revolutionary analytic tools, allowing users to engage with their phone conversations like never before. Tools include smart searching, mood analytics and tagging and tracking keywords. Through these additional functions, Dubber users can engage with their calls like never before.

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