Can I manage my call recordings from anywhere?
When using Dubber’s core Call Recording product, depending on your role in the organisation you could have access to your files from anywhere by simply logging into the management dashboard.

Can I search through my call recordings?
Based on the level of access a specific user has, they are able to browse and search through their previous call recordings.

Can I analyse my call recordings?
Dubber’s Zoe Suite provides an array of tools and services which allows users to analyse their recordings.

What devices can I record communication and calls on?
Users are able to record calls being made on any device.

Does Dubber provide a call recording API?
Dubber provides one of the most comprehensive RESTful APIs for call recording services.

Can I integrate Dubber’s API with my own app?

Dubber’s Open API was designed to allow developers to integrate their application with Dubber’s range of services.

Where can I get access to Dubber’s API?
In order to access the Dubber API you will need a developer account. Creating a developer account is free and easy and available directly from our website.

Does Dubber provide a development sandbox?
Dubber provides a full sandbox environment for development and testing, when you register your application you can select ‘sandbox’ for the API environment when requesting key’s in order to gain access to it.

The Evolution of PaaS
PaaS stands for Platforms as a Service, and has risen in popularity from the increase in cloud services. It provides a fully managed platform for companies to create applications quickly and easily.

What is CPaaS?
CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service, and is essentially a cloud-based platform that is able to integrate real-time communications into your pre-existing business applications.