Can I analyse my call recordings?

Dubber has created Zoe, a suite of call recording analytics modules, to allow users to interact with their calls like never before. Using our Smart Search feature, you can search through your call recordings and gain deep insight into the content of your communications.

Zoe is a revolutionary collection of tools and services that allow users to conduct searches and analysis of their captured communications. The level of access each user has varies the levels of searching they can achieve, but at every level users are able to browse their previous call recordings and search for certain defining features. These tools include Smart Search, Sentiment and Keywords.

Through Zoe, Dubber is able to offer more than just a call recording solution. Users can now analyse the content of their conversations, and make use of the analysis for a long list of organisational purposes. The potential use cases are limitless.

Sentiment is one of many features of Zoe, and acts like a Shazam for human emotions. Essentially, it automatically identifies the emotions of the speakers in a call, and provides a snapshot report. It achieves this through analysing the characteristics of tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech as well. For those in sales or customer service especially, this function provides valuable insight into customer moods, and how to efficiently provide good customer service.

Can I analyse my call recordings?

Smart Search is another feature, and allows end users to search for and locate previous call recordings by a series of advanced search features. Some of the many search methods available include sentiment, location, date and specific phrases uttered in the conversation. Smart Search is even able to work on recordings not made with Dubber, and so it can operate as a stand alone service.

Finally, Keywords allows users to intelligently search recordings by tracking specific phrases and words. This helps users to locate specific recordings within seconds, and efficiently organise captured communications by keyword. Users can also tag key words and phrases to be highlighted in all future recordings.

Similar functions are offered by legacy call recording solutions, but are accompanied by large additional costs. Dubber’s native cloud platform allows this service to be deployed at a fraction of the charge, enabling smaller enterprises and the end user to benefit from its service as well. Additionally, the native cloud platform allows Dubber’s solution to benefit from rapid deployment, unlimited scalability, unlimited storage, high security and an adaptable pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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