Can I integrate Dubber’s API with my own app?

The Dubber API has been designed to be open, enabling seamless integration into all major CRM platforms and other applications. This is not a new concept: other companies have built open APIs that enable integration into pre-existing systems. For example, Uber uses the Google Maps API on their app, instead of wasting time and money building their own from scratch. Building systems around an API that has already been built, and is available for seamless integration, saves users the time and money they would otherwise need to spend.

Does Dubber provide a call recording API?

Whilst other communication companies all too often provide an API that is just slightly configurable and that only enables users to have minor administrative control, Dubber’s API has been deployed as a product. This gives users full control over their admin platforms and recorded data, as well as the flexibility to build the API into their existing applications.

The open and RESTful nature of the Dubber API enables us to provide a call recording solution that is highly accessible, highly flexible, and allows service providers to be creative and build the Dubber call recording solution into their existing platform in a manner fitting their desired functionality, brand identity and business plan. Service providers can use the Dubber API to deploy our call recording and unified communications services as part of a bundle that includes their other communications solutions.

The Dubber API enables seamless integration into any application, including both major CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, vTiger, Zoho, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics, and other custom applications.

The Dubber API enables users to build solutions that match their business mission and desired design, revolutionising call recording APIs. To begin building your unique integrations with the Dubber API, simply sign up and you can start testing solutions in a matter of minutes.

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