Can I manage my call recordings from anywhere?

Dubber’s software is accessed from a native cloud platform, allowing us to have a global reach. This means that you can access your recordings anywhere, anytime, from any platform.

This native cloud platform allows Dubber users to access, record and manage their captured conversations from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is log on to the online management dashboard. Levels of access can be managed by each organisation’s designated admins, therefore varying the access to call recording products across companies. Your access is dependent on your role in the organisation using Dubber’s software. However, as a general rule and as a company, Dubber’s call recording software can be accessed and managed from anywhere.

Can I manage my call recordings from anywhere?

Dubber’s Playback function varies slightly: it is a solution for the individual, and hence all captured conversations are accessible to the individual user only, but are still accessible to that individual from anywhere.

Dubber has been constructed on a native cloud platform to ensure a global reach is possible, therefore giving our call recording software the flexibility to meet local data sovereignty regulations. Furthermore, Dubber has made global interconnect points available, ensuring that a consistent and guaranteed level of quality between the service provider’s telephony software and Dubber’s cloud infrastructure is maintained. This global reach has been made possible via our use of the highly secure Amazon Web Services.

We currently deploy to countries all over the world, including the USA, Australia and various countries across both Europe and Asia. We can deploy our services to new locations upon request. Our ability to supply call recording globally allows Dubber to provide previously unavailable flexibility to our clients, largely through Software as a Service methods. No matter where a customer is in the world, our call recording service can be rapidly deployed to them, at a fraction of the cost and time that legacy call recording solutions require.

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