Can I search through my call recordings?

Dubber has created Zoe to allow users to interact with their calls like never before. Zoe is a suite of call recording analytics modules. Using our Smart Search feature, you can search through your call recordings and gain deep insight into the content of your communications.

The level of access each user has varies the levels of searching they can achieve, but at every level users are able to browse their previous call recordings and search for certain defining features. As part of Dubber’s call recording service, Zoe has multiple features that enable users to operate advanced searches through their call recordings.

Can I search through my call recordings?

Whether you need to locate a recording based on the date or location of the call, a specific phrase uttered in the conversation, or perhaps the overall sentiment of the call, Zoe can achieve this, and many other Smart Search functions. Like never before, users can organise and file their captured calls under certain tags, including sentiment and keywords. Then, when a user needs to locate a particular conversation from their collection, Zoe will sift through an unlimited number of calls and locate the correct one within seconds. Users will never again have to forget the content of their calls, or find they are unable to locate a specific conversation from one particular date, time or keyword.

Dubber’s Smart Search can work on all call recordings, even if they were not captured using Dubber’s Recording solution. Therefore, Smart Search can be implemented for the user as a stand-alone service, enabling everyone to benefit from this revolutionary call recording and search technology. The end result is a ground-breaking call recording intelligence software that allows users to search and organise their calls more efficiently and extensively than ever before. Zoe takes advantage of Dubber’s capacity for providing unlimited scalability by creating a search solution for users that generates a plethora of newly usable data. It provides the ability for Dubber users to increase their productivity, profitability, security and creativity in either their personal or professional lives.

Dubber’s Sentiment analysis is another tool that helps the user to organise and search through their recordings. Sentiment analyses the emotional responses occurring during a phone call, and users can then search for conversations with positive, negative, disappointed or any emotional response. The use of this tool helps companies to keep hold of customers, as 86% of customers quit their business with a company if they experience bad customer service.

Can I search through my call recordings?

As with all of our products, Dubber provides this increased functionality at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy recording solution. By utilising a native cloud platform, Dubber’s service benefits from rapid deployment, unlimited scalability and storage capacities, high security levels and a pay-as-you-go service with no upfront costs.

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