What devices can I record communication and calls on?

Dubber aims to provide call recording as a service that supports unified communications, enabling users to experience the benefits of call recording from anywhere, any platform, and any device. Unified communications is simply defined as the integration of multiple forms of communication, including both real-time communications, such as instant messaging, and non-real-time communications, such as SMS and voicemail.

The Dubber communications capture solution has been transformed to a cloud based platform, enabling our solution to record calls directly from a service provider’s network. This ensures that all communications are captured, even whilst the user is mobile (roaming). In this way, the Dubber solution is able to provide communications capture as a solution for all user devices. These can include fixed office or home phones, tablets, mobile phones, wearable devices such as Apple watches, and laptops.

Dubber works closely with service providers and carriers to connect to their telephony platforms and deploy a call and communication recording service directly from their network – bringing our solution to users in a service suitable for organisations and end users alike. Additionally, Dubber is accredited by BroadSoft, enabling our solution to be easily deployed to any business that is already connected to the BroadWorks SIPREC platform. This service is therefore provided through an end user’s telephony, enabling Dubber to capture calls and communications from any device, anywhere in the world.

What devices can I record communication and calls on?

Dubber has also launched the Playback service, a communications capture solution for the individual. Playback brings the benefit of hindsight to every one of your phone calls, enabling users to build up a record of saved conversations, which are then available to replay and relive at any time. Users can interact with their calls like never before. Available through service providers and carriers as an app, users can capture and relive their communications from mobile phones or tablets. To connect to Playback, provided their service provider supports the service, all users have to do is download the app and sign up for the service.  

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