Does Dubber provide a call recording API?


Dubber has designed a truly comprehensive RESTful API for call recording services, which enables companies of all sizes to realise the true potential of their call recording assets.

The Dubber API has been designed as RESTful to provide users extensible access to the Dubber recording platform. Through the API, users can manage their own admin platform, as well as their recorded data. With this unrivalled access, service providers have the freedom and ability to present recorded data back to the end user in creative and uniquely branded ways.

The Dubber API has been constructed as an answer to the rise in popularity of APIs, since their adoption by large corporations Amazon and ebay. Communications companies are also utilising RESTful APIs more and more, with the goal of improving the overall communications industry and finding the most cost-effective, scalable and secure solutions for users. The Dubber API was constructed for the same purpose, and has been designed to provide a level of high accessibility, creativity and flexibility to service providers and enterprise users, that would otherwise not be possible.

Does Dubber provide a call recording API?

The Dubber API also enables seamless integration into all major CRM platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This gives companies the flexibility to build our call recording solution into their platform and ensure it fits their desired functionality, brand identity and business plan. Building around a pre-existing API saves companies time and money that building a product from scratch would cost them, whilst allowing the same (or increased) functionality.

Dubber has followed the legendary examples of Apple and Amazon and taken a legacy technology and revolutionised it into a modern offering. For call recording, this has increased the efficiency and relevance of call recording for every user. Dubber has deployed our API as a product, rather than simply providing a slightly configurable API. This gives users a call recording solution with greater functionality, as well as more control over user accounts and recorded data. To access this service, users need only sign up – after which they can begin developing their own integrations, often within mere minutes.

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