Does Dubber provide a development sandbox?

Dubber has created a Lab to provide potential users with a secure environment for testing our call recording solutions. The Dubber Lab has been isolated from the Dubber Production Environment, enabling users to test our services without any risks of impacting their current systems. In this way, the Dubber Lab acts as a call recording development sandbox.

Does Dubber provide a development sandbox?

The Lab provides users with a no-nonsense environment for testing deployment, development, support, integrations and management of Dubber’s call recording and unified communications solutions. As your business grows and changes, so too will your call recording and unified communications needs. Traditionally, making changes to a production environment can be costly, time consuming and very difficult. However, the Dubber Lab has removed all of these traditional obstacles, providing a safe environment for users to trial new changes to their systems.

The Dubber Lab gives users the flexibility to create an exact copy of their recording platform and test any proposed changes in a safe and easy to use environment, enabling users to find the right system for them and to have the confidence to make the necessary changes and upgrade their systems.

The Lab is extremely easy to set up. You need only sign up for a developer account, which you can do here, by following the ‘register’ link in the top right hand corner. Then, when you are registering your application, simply select ‘sandbox’ as your desired API environment. Your account will be approved by one of our admin team, and you will then be given your unique application key and access to Dubber’s call recording development sandbox. From here, all you have to do is test your desired integrations and upgrades.

Finally, the Dubber Lab can be reset whenever a user wishes. This means that users do not have to worry if their configuration gets too complicated or goes wrong in some way, they can simply reset it and start again.

The Dubber Lab acts as a call recording development sandbox, enabling users to test all changes and upgrades to their current systems in a safe and easy way.

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