How can I get access to Dubber’s API?

The Dubber API is easily accessed through our website: all you need to get started is a Dubber developer account. Creating a developer account is free and easy, all you have to do is sign up here, by following the ‘register’ link in the top right hand corner.

To sign up, the website will prompt you for some basic information (including name, email, password) which you must provide. After this is submitted, a Dubber admin will approve your account and you will be notified by email that it is live. You will then be able to log in, create an application and apply for the environment you wish to work in. Dubber will send you your individual application key, and by using this you will then be able to access the Dubber API. All access and use must be in accordance with the documentation that is available on the website.

Where can I get access to Dubber’s API?

In order to offer an open and RESTful API, and therefore give users the flexibility to adapt Dubber’s call recording and unified communications solutions to fit their individual needs, the API was productized. A productized API requires users to sign themselves up. Dubber has worked to embed signup within our website, ensuring that the self-signup system is quick, straightforward and not a hindrance to the development process in any way.

Dubber has built our call recording solutions onto a cloud based platform to enable rapid deployment, among other benefits, and our API has been designed with this in mind as well. By enabling sign up directly from our website, Dubber allows users to begin testing as soon as possible. Additionally, Dubber has created the Lab for users to test our services before deciding whether to deploy them. Users can test our call recording solution and trial adaptations and integrations that cater to their individual call recording and security needs. The Lab has been isolated from the Dubber Production Environment to ensure that testing does not impact a user’s current IT systems. In this way, it essentially acts as a call recording sandbox.

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