Is my data safe with Dubber?
Dubber leverages cutting edge cloud technologies to constantly develop our security practices to ensure that data is protected at every stage of the communication capture process, and beyond to storage and analysis.

Where is my data stored?
Dubber is deployed worldwide and each Dubber region is a fully sovereign region: all data collected and stored is only accessible in that region, and data never passes between regions.

How will Dubber use my data?
Dubber acknowledges that all audio files and captured data are owned by the end user. Dubber strives to create a secure environment for users to store and access their recorded data, in which their data is protected through a series of strong security measures.

How does Dubber ensure data storage and connectivity security?
Dubber is able to guarantee high security through the design of a multi-layered security solution and a resilient data storage solution that is as resilient as it can possibly be.