Is my data safe with Dubber?

As as native cloud platform, Dubber’s call recording solution has been designed to provide maximum functionality with sophisticated security systems, leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies. Our security practices are developing all the time to ensure that data is protected at every stage of the communication capture process and beyond to storage and analysis.

Our cloud based call recording solution is deployed using Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling us to guarantee high security through utilising a series of high tech, best in the industry solutions that work to ensure the safety of all user data on the AWS network. Dubber are deployed globally to any AWS region, ensuring that we can provide a highly secure call recording solution worldwide.

Each Dubber region is a fully sovereign region: all data collected and stored is only accessible in that region, and data never passes between regions. Service providers specify in which geographic location their service is required and Dubber deploy the service to that region. All data, both metadata and recording files for the service provider, are held within the specific location and data is never transferred to other regions unless directly requested by the service provider.

Is my data safe with Dubber?

Dubber ensure that all user data, including metadata and recorded data, is stored in dedicated data silos for each individual user. Users are only granted access to the data that belongs to their registered accounts. All files are stored in encrypted repositories – and encryption keys are only available to the account that the recordings belong to.

Dubber have chosen to store all of our data within the AWS S3 storage system. This option offers one of the world’s most secure and resilient data storage options. The resilience figures provided by Amazon on S3 are 99.9%: this is achieved through simultaneously writing all data to 3 separate encrypted data stores. This storage is inaccessible from any system outside of AWS, and is only accessed within AWS through time restricted tokenised links.

In AWS, Dubber have chosen one of the world’s most notable and safe services for data storage, utilising highly secure data protection technologies. Dubber have also designed our own additional methods for data security, which are deployed on top of AWS security measures. Through these multifaceted options, we can ensure high security and data protection for all user data, including data storage, access and sharing.

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