Does Dubber provide local support to me?

Dubber has a global reach, with offices all around the world and headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and London, United Kingdom. Dubber support is provided for our users largely through our two office headquarters. Dubber’s support team of industry experts can provide support services to customers located anywhere in the world, and pride ourselves on being highly reactive. In some cases, if needed, we can even provide physical support.

Due to Dubber’s mission to achieve call recording integration, Dubber is proud to be integrated with a long list of best of their breed technology partners, providing our users with world class and globally deployed solutions to call recording. These include integrators, distributors, service providers and resellers based in locations all over the world, including in the US, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, India, China and Japan. These partners and organisations are able to act as a first line of service for local based Dubber support. Between our highly responsive and globally active support team and this long list of professional partnerships, we have a global reach, enabling us to provide Dubber support to all users, even those in the remotest of locations. We are also accredited by BroadSoft, enabling our users to benefit from and integrate with their highly efficient customer service.

Furthermore, the Dubber platform allows global deployment, enabling us to meet compliance with the sovereignty requirements of every country in the world. This allows Dubber to ensure that our users can remain compliant with data regulations anywhere in the world. This forms part of the basis for our global reach, enabling global support.

Does Dubber provide local support to me?

If you would like to contact us for assistance or inquiries, please check our Dubber Support page for answers to commonly asked questions, or fill in our Contact form for the fastest and quickest response from our industry experts if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

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