Do you provide support to Service Providers?

Dubber’s expert support services are provided to every type of client, from service providers to the end user. Dubber aims to provide a tiered support system, adapted to fit each level user, and their specific support needs. The first line of support is targeted at services providers and carriers. Dubber then provides second and third lines of support to clients through the service provider.

Through our extensive expert training, Dubber is able to provide first-class resources to service providers, entitling them as the first line of support and hence enabling them to provide specialist assistance for the end user directly. Through this training, service providers are able to replicate the Dubber first line of expert support for their customers. Dubber is a global company with head offices on two continents, and each office has an extensive support team. We are therefore able to provide support to all clients, anywhere in the world, at any time.

In early 2015, Dubber became accredited by BroadSoft, enabling us to provide a call recording service that was previously unavailable to service providers and their clients. Any service provider with a BroadSoft deployment can very quickly add Dubber’s call recording service as an option for every end user, and benefit from our support when necessary.

Do you provide support to Service Providers?

The first line of support that we deliver to all service providers reselling the Dubber call recording solution covers all production issues for products and services, along with other generalised support needs, including:

– “How to” questions about Dubber services and features
– Best practices to help you successfully deploy and manage Dubber services
– Troubleshooting API, Dubber Supported Connectors and Dubber SDK issues
– Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with the Dubber platform
– Troubleshooting issues with Integrated communication platforms
– Issues with our Group Console of other Dubber tools
– A number of third-party services and applications related to recording and access to Dubber’s Platform

Our online Support Center enables service providers to open a case online, send us the necessary information for your existing case, check the status of your open case, view the Dubber platform status and view the Dubber knowledge base, forums and FAQs. For additional assistance, contact your Dubber Account Manager.

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