Rubicon 8 improves client retention and staff performance with Dubber AI

Download the case study to learn how Rubicon 8 uses Dubber AI to understand immediately how satisfied customers are with help desk support without making them fill in post-call questionnaires.

Download the Case Study
Learn how Rubicon 8:
  • Reduces churn by quickly addressing customer issues to improve client satisfaction and retention

  • Improves staff training and onboarding of new staff

  • Drives cost savings with reduced cost of administration overheads and identification of calls outside of service agreements

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Our use of Dubber is all about customer retention. That means providing customers with a level of service that goes above and beyond. If you don't do a good job of that, you won't grow.

Pat Bombardieri General Manager, Rubicon 8


About Dubber

Leading service providers differentiate and grow with Dubber. We enable Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI at the heart of the world’s leading networks and UC solutions.

Designed specifically for Service Provider networks and integrated seamlessly with your critical infrastructure, including Cisco Broadsoft, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect, mobile and more.