Unlock the Power of Voice Data in Salesforce

End not knowing with Dubber on Salesforce. Know what your customers want and boost sales productivity by capturing compliant calls and automating Voice-AI data directly into your Salesforce.

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Effortlessly improve sales productivity and meet compliance mandates

Never miss or forget another conversation. Ensure maximum visibility of customer conversations by compliantly capturing and natively logging 100% of calls made across your communication platforms – including Microsoft Teams and Cisco.

Quickly access crucial customer data to improve coaching resources or influence business decisions by visualising transcriptions, line-by-line sentiment analysis, and customisable alerts within your Salesforce records.

Solving problems for sales and
compliance teams alike

Eliminate manual

Eliminate the manual task of data-entry after phone calls and give your sales force more time to sell

Stop hopping
between systems

Prevent employee frustration by enabling access to voice data in a single system of record at account and contact levels

Capture every call from your existing UC platform

Ensure 100% of calls and transcripts are automatically captured and instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution

Prioritise leads and conversations

Give staff a deeper level of customer insight with sentiment analysis and keyword notifications

Improve coaching resources

Improve training resources by analysing up-to-date calls to identify sales tactics that win and lose deals

Stay secure and stay compliant

Make sure every interaction has a paper trail for protection against regulations and customer disputes

Flexible scalability to meet your business needs

Like Salesforce, Dubber scales to any need with pricing designed for simple to advanced use cases.

Capture conversations and integrate them with Salesforce today.


Unified Call Recording + Salesforce Integration

Record all of your customer conversations and securely store in your Salesforce environment to ensure accurate record keeping and regulatory compliance.

Unlimited call recording on 142 global service provider networks
Including collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Calling
Unlimited recording downloads
Flexible retention periods
Strict user permission controls
PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, KYC, MiFID II, HIPAA compliant and more
Instant search via Salesforce

+ Voice Intelligence Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI to enhance sales and service team productivity, increase communication visibility and enable proactive compliance.

Automatic call transcriptions
Line-by-line sentiment analysis
Customised notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts
Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps
Recordings and trancriptions tagged to Salesforce records
Templated call and AI data dashboards and reports

Integrate your voice data with Salesforce today!

From $15.00 per user/per month (USD)

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Optimising sales to improve the customer experience

Utilise Dubber’s AI-powered Voice Intelligence Cloud to better understand customers needs and expectations throughout the sales journey.

Proactively manage customer accounts

Proactively identify crucial moments or problems that are raised in voice calls by setting up customisable alerts for keywords and phrases

Identify trends before they emerge

Identify important trends in customer and employee behaviour by using BI tools to visualise patterns emerging in your captured voice data

Validate pipeline and forecast

Quickly access call transcriptions to validate agreements made between sales reps and customers

Keeping voice data central, secure and compliant

With remote-working on the rise, move the responsibility of compliance away from sales and into the hands of the business.

Record 100% of your conversations

Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates by recording, storing and encrypting calls in market-leading cloud storage

Stop issues before they develop

Quickly and easily search calls by tags and keywords, or setup alerts, 
to be identified of potential customer disputes, fraud and security risks

Security to match your needs

Fully customise your data retention periods to match your compliance needs and set detailed permissions to restrict acces to recordings

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