What are the risks of storing calls on-premise?

Author: Dubber Marketing Team

Published on June 5, 2019

Organisations who download their recorded calls to local storage are putting valuable data at risk of damage, theft, or tampering. Dubber are committed to providing a secure and reliable call recording platform to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers: at an affordable monthly cost, with zero CapEx.

Long-term secure storage from Dubber.

Why shouldn’t you download your calls?

There are four main risks associated with downloading recorded calls to local storage:

  • Security: Recorded calls downloaded to local storage are much more vulnerable to theft, damage, or tampering. Having only one on-premise server means fire or power shortages could destroy all recordings.
  • Access: Storing data locally can be detrimental to team members who need to access recordings, as it is often more difficult to manage and access recordings outside of a dedicated recording platform.
  • Cost: Using and maintaining on-premise storage solutions is expensive: both to set up and maintain on a day-to-day basis. Organisations need to either employ trained staff members, or to engage expensive third parties to manage the solutions. As incidents can occur at any time, this could result in call-out charges.
  • No audit trail: With local storage there is no audit trail. Users can listen, share, or delete recordings with no record of their actions.

Protect against risk with secure cloud storage

Utilising Dubber’s cloud solution, organisations immediately mitigate the risk of having vulnerable data on-site. The Dubber solution also employs the latest in encryption technology to offer the highest protection, which is managed by a team of experts at a level that legacy solutions cannot compete with.

Instant access to every call

Cloud storage with Dubber guarantees the availability of every single recorded call at any time, allowing quick and easy access to data for every customer. Storing calls with Dubber also allows users to retrieve calls instantly with advanced elastic search functionality that trawls every call, no matter when it was recorded. Cloud storage also facilitates ease of use for remote workers or those based in different offices. With all recorded calls available to access from any location, staff working across different locations can continue to playback recordings and use voice data without being in the office.

Consistent costs with no surprises

The costly management and staff resources associated with local storage can all be avoided with long-term storage with Dubber. All of the setup, management, and ongoing maintenance is covered by Dubber, meaning that costs stay the same, no matter what. The monthly subscription fee is the only expense, and there are no worries about unexpected costs in the future. Dubber’s SaaS model keeps costs down to a low monthly payment, rather than requiring CapEx that can be difficult when obtaining budget allowances.

Detailed audit trails

Access to calls is restricted by permissions structures to prevent unauthorised access or sharing of calls or data, and all activity is tracked and timestamped in order to create comprehensive audit trails. A full audit is collected for any transaction within the Dubber platform. All activity, such as users listening to, sharing, and deleting recordings, is monitored and logged within the platform. This logging provides both real-time monitoring of the platform and its status.

Offer your customers cost-effective storage from Dubber

Join Dubber and offer your customers long-term, secure cloud storage for their recorded calls. With no restrictions of storage space, no requirements of on-premise equipment, and instant access to all recorded calls, Dubber’s solution is second to none. What this offers is the opportunity to safely store huge amounts of valuable data, worth much more than marginal savings on a call recording package that might allow only 90 days of storage.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of long-term storage with Dubber.

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