Unified Call Recording & Voice AI for Compliance

Record calls compliantly. Monitor breaches. Report and investigate.

How do you record & monitor every call?

From mobiles to tablets, Microsoft Teams to Cisco Webex and Zoom, office to home – call recording can no longer be application or location specific and needs to go beyond the call centre for firms to stay compliant.

By capturing calls directly from the network with a cloud-based Unified Call Recording solution, firms can capture and montior conversations made over almost any network, device and/or collaboration platform to ensure compliance.

Capture & monitor

Record every call and conversation

Capture 100% of calls with unified call recording for evidence and reporting

Secure Voice Data Management

Securely store calls in one cloud repository that is compliant with data and privacy regulations

Identify Compliance Breaches

Automate surveillance, create trade reconstructions & monitor customer sentiment with powerful AI, real-time search & alerts

Accurate record keeping

Use recordings and transcripts as evidence of conversations and advice provided

Accelerate audits, investigations

Respond quickly to audits or investigations with real-time search to retrieve the right call in seconds

Proactive Reporting

Export voice data into dashboards, create automated compliance reports and workflows

Discover how Dubber can help

Mitigate risk with Unified Call Recording & Voice AI for compliance

In a world of working from home and a changing regulatory environment, Unified Call Recording and Voice AI can help compliance leaders stay a step ahead.

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“With Dubber, we have total visibility of all our traders’ conversations, especially now they’re working from home. The automated surveillance means we can immediately identify compliance breaches, reduce risk, and save time and money.”

Chief Risk Officer at one of Switzerland’s largest private banks

Secure your conversations with Unified Call Recording & Voice AI

Dubber can quickly and easily capture, record and analyse your conversations in the Cloud.

Switch it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Unified Call Recording for Regulated Industries

Record all of your conversations and securely store in a single cloud repository to ensure accurate record keeping and regulatory compliance.

Unlimited call recording on 142 global service provider networks.
Compliant recording of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex Calling
Full data encryption
Compliant with global privacy & data sovereignty standards
Meet regulations such as AML/CTF, RG271, Hayne Royal Commission bills, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, KYC, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and more
Strict user permission controls and legal hold
Recorded Voice Announcement (RVA) configuration
Flexible retention periods & unlimited storage

AI Powered Monitoring for Proactive Compliance

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI to increase communications visibility and enable proactive compliance, while improving overall customer experience.

Get alerted instantly on potential fraud or compliance breaches
Line-by-line sentiment analysis for customer satisfaction insights
Automatic call transcriptions
Create workflows to ensure appropriate responses
Secure API for integration of call data into big data and BI tools
Native CRM integrations for continued customer data unification
Templated call and AI data dashboards and reports

From $14.95

per user/month



The step-by-step guide to achieving compliant conversations

Learn how Unified Call Recording can help organisations meet compliance mandates with this ulitmate checklist guide to compliant conversations.

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