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Call recording and voice AI built for service providers

Built natively in the cloud and integrated at a network level, Dubber helps service providers strengthen their overall propositions, retain customers and create new revenue streams

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Powerful insights, reporting & alerts from every conversation.

End-Of-Life (EOL) for Cisco MediaSense is October 2020. Dubber is native and preferred by Cisco and delivered in the cloud.

Free Call recording for first 90 days + free migration services for Cisco MediaSense customers

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Native Cloud Solution

Our global platform was architected natively in the cloud meaning it can be deployed to customers without the need for any hardware and offered as software as a service (SaaS). Connecting at a network level provides quality and clarity like no other.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Native Cloud Solution
Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Speed to market

Speed to market

Our products and services are available through a variety of connectivity methods including a range of Cisco telephony such as BroadWorks and BroadCloud, Ericsson IP Edge, Amazon Connect and more, allowing service providers to strengthen their propositions and go to market fast.

Elastic Scalability

Built specifically for service providers, our platform scales to meet any business requirement and supports the largest service providers in the world and their customers. A true global platform, our cloud capabilities are unrivalled and remove the traditional barriers to call recording, data capture and AI.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Elastic Scalability
Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Subscription pricing

Subscription pricing

Offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to service providers and Software as a Service (SaaS) to businesses and end users, Dubber brings technology solutions to markets where traditional models have proved cost or space prohibitive.

Why Dubber?


Dubber is so much more than your average call recording provider. With unlimited scalability, security and the added speech intelligence of Dubber AI, our solution enables you to provide new and exciting services to customers.


Dubber leverages cutting edge cloud technologies to constantly develop our security practices and ensure that data is protected at every stage of the communication capture process, and beyond to storage and analysis.


Dubber is a 100% cloud-based recording solution. No on-premises hardware is required to carry out recording. Our system is designed to automatically scale itself to fit the demand of your business.

Easily Integrated

The Dubber API enables simple and seamless integration into any CRM, including and Microsoft Dynamics. Dubber has been constructed to allow extensible access through the Dubber API.

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