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Enhance your propositions and create new revenue streams with cloud call recording and voice AI. Learn more about how you can go to market with no on premise equipment to retain and acquire new customers.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Call recording platform as a service

Call recording platform as a service

Dubber allows service providers to offer scalable cloud based call recording to their customer base. With unlimited scalability, the Dubber platform scales with your customers' needs. There’s no need for customers to choose a storage plan as storage is included as part of their subscription. With data centers all over the globe, all calls are stored within the region they are generated providing data sovereignty and meeting compliance requirements

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Dubber AI

Dubber AI allows service providers to bring the power of AI to their customer base by transcribing calls and analyzing the language used to apply sentiment ratings to calls. Learn how sentiment alerts and API integrations can strengthen your customers experience and add value.

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Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Dubber AI
Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Dubber helps service providers offer compliant features and services to their customers. Find out how we manage and store data and help businesses be compliant with regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, PCI DSS, network redundancy and more.

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