Simetric Team Dubber’s Call Recording with their Unified Communications Solutions

Simetric aim to converge service providers and provide users with a unified solution for their individual correspondence. They have utilised multiple mobile networks across the UK to develop a standardised network, enabling users to bene t from a single telephone number for both their mobile and fixed phones. To expand their UC solutions for business customers, Simetric chose Dubber.

“The Dubber platform and SaaS business model perfectly complement Simetric’s technologies. Simetric and Dubber share the same desire to continually work to develop and engineer innovative new products that revolutionise the telecoms industry. Through the partnership, we can now deliver a seamless integration of uni ed communications and call recording into both fixed and mobile services.

Dubber’s Playback service changes the face of mobile telephony in our view. It is the type of feature that highlights the value of our UC strategy and opens up significant opportunities to engage with all users in every market segment.”

John Murray, Director of Simetric Telecom