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SIPREC Recording

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SIPRec white paper by Dubber cloud call recording

What is SIPREC and how do Dubber use it to record calls?

Session initiation protocol recording, or SIPREC, is the telecommunications protocol adopted as industry standard by the internet engineering task force (IETF). Session recording is a requirement of many business sectors and is particularly used across call centres and within the financial industry. SIPREC was created to regulate call recording and provide a framework for all companies that offer call recording as a service and is a secure and globally accepted standard for call recording. SIPREC systems capture calls at a centralised point in the network, eliminating the need for hardware and reducing infrastructure costs.

Dubber's SIPREC solution

Dubber is a purpose-built communications platform as a service (CPaaS) with SIPREC standards at its core, enabling call recording to be activated across entire networks. Dubber uses standard SIP messaging to utilise SIPREC interfaces. Using these interfaces enables Dubber’s cloud call recording to operate with speed and simplicity. As a native cloud product, Dubber’s call recording offers high security, unlimited scalability and rapid deployment. It can be integrated with business applications and scaled to fit individual requirements; providing a call recording solution that is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Read further on SIP and SIP Trunk in our blog article here.
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