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Speech Intelligence: an Introduction to Zoe

White paper

The Speech Intelligence white paper by Dubber cloud call recording

What is speech intelligence and how can I make it work for me?

In this white paper we show you how speech intelligence can help businesses improve their working processes in order to retain customers and attract new ones. We also introduce you to Zoe: our new suite of speech intelligence modules. Zoe has democratised speech intelligence, allowing businesses of any size to truly listen to their customers.

The rise of Big Data

An understanding of customers is vital for businesses. Previously excluded from the Big Data conversation, technology is now able to interpret voice data in order to mine this information for analysis.

Speech intelligence goes beyond searching for a call by date and time and opens up endless possibilities through Big Data functionality that allows searching and categorisation by keywords and phrases as well as caller sentiment. A major source of growth for speech analytics is customer service, as the information that is revealed through speech analysis can improve communication in future interactions. By combining processing techniques used in Big Data with speech analytics, companies can uncover important insights into their customers.

Unlocking voice data with Zoe

Recorded calls are a major source of customer feedback. Voice data allows companies to really listen to what their customers have to say, enabling them to make the right business decisions to benefit their existing customers and attract new ones. Speech intelligence gives actionable insight that is key to improvements in customer service, which will in turn inspire customer loyalty and increase market share. The ability to truly listen to their customers gives businesses the inside knowledge required to effectively differentiate themselves from competitors.

Speech analytics was once only available to larger enterprises who could invest the large CapEx required to deploy proprietary systems but now Software as a Service (SaaS) voice intelligence from Zoe by Dubber has made this valuable technology available to businesses from single users to global enterprises.

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