Surf Life Saving NSW speeds response & builds evidence with Dubber

Download the case study to learn how Surf Life Saving NSW can focus on the mission of saving lives with Dubber call recording and AI.

Download the Case Study
Learn how Surf Life Saving NSW:
  • Gathered crucial evidence with accurate and immutable records of all calls for coronial enquiries and investigations.

  • Saved critical time with automatic transcriptions of every call that can be copied and pasted into incident reports saving critical time.

  • Used AI-powered sentiment analysis to identify calls needing further review, and listened to recordings for staff training.

Surf Life Saving NSW speeds response & builds evidence with Dubber | right



Dubber improves our response speed. It frees up the operators to focus on the rescue, helps us prepare evidence for coronial enquiries and improves reporting accuracy. Together these make us more professional as an organisation and an emergency service.

Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW


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