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UC Call Recording Solutions White Paper from Dubber

How to get the true value
of UC

What is UC?

Unified Communications (UC) brings an organisation’s communications together in one place, creating a pool of conversational data. UC call recording allows organisations to mine this data for valuable information that can benefit their working practice. Organisations may need to capture their communications for compliance, while contact centres might record their calls in order to analyse them for training purposes.

How does UC work?

UC solutions allow users to work seamlessly across multiple devices, ensuring conversations can continue with ease. Communication features that were once only included on business devices are now available on mobile phones, allowing employees to work across multiple devices with synchronisation. Simplified communication processes increase productivity and enable employees to work from any location - matching the increased mobility of communication that is moving away from traditional fixed solutions.

How can UC help businesses?

UC solutions also offer rich communications that enhance conversations, conferences, and collaboration with the ability to share screens and files. As well as boosting communications between employees, UC solutions often overlap with collaboration tools and contact centre systems - adding functionality that facilitates innovation and makes conversations more efficient.

Traditionally, organisations have acquired and deployed their own communications infrastructure through a PBX, which was once the most economical approach. However, cloud-based subscription models accessed through service providers are now increasing in popularity. With cohesive employee interactions, business goals can be reached with a more interconnected approach.

True collaboration happens when teams can exchange information and ideas easily, from multiple locations. Creating an environment in which effective communication is not only possible, but encouraged, allows businesses to nurture their employees and their ideas. With UC, a superior user experience facilitates improved productivity through better communications between employees.

The advantages of deploying a UC solution within your organisation range from the practical to the cultural. Making the move to UC can reduce costs, help users to exchange ideas with other team members, and do their jobs more effectively.

This white paper explains the advantages of UC, the benefits of recording UC calls, and explores the different technical aspects of UC and recording UC calls. Download this guide to learn more about cloud PBX, SIPREC, compliance, mobility, and how Dubber works with service providers to allow users to get more from their conversations.

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