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The concept is simple. Register and close your Dubber opportunities to win rewards. 

It really is as easy as that, so don’t hesitate, start registering your opportunities.

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More seats equals more rewards

Win up to £1,000.00* per Dubber opportunity. All you have to do is register them via the form at the top of the page. Use the table below to calculate how much you could win.

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*All rewards will be paid out in the form of gift cards of your choice, or a group entertainment fund. For the latter, contact your account manager for more info.

How it works

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Register your Dubber opportunities in the form.

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Demo & Qualify

Schedule a demo with your customer and Dubber Account Manager so we can qualify your opportunity.

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Win rewards!

As soon as you close your deal, you’re eligible for rewards. We’ll be in touch to pay out a gift voucher of your choosing!

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*Terms & Conditions - see full conditions here

  1. The promotion is only open to Dubber partners. Partners will need to have a signed Dubber partnership agreement to be eligible.

  2. The incentive is available on all new opportunities for the following products: Dubber You, Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier. Not applicable for existing customer upgrades, replacements or existing opportunities.

  3. The promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other partner promotion campaign.

  1. In order for payment to be made on a registered opportunity, it must:
    a. Be registered via the form above
    b. Be closed and won within 6 months of its registration
    c. Be qualified as a viable opportunity (see definition below)

  2. A case study must be published within 12 months of the deal closing to qualify for rewards

  3. The maximum reward per registered opportunity is £1,000.

  4. The maximum reward per partner employee per quarter is £2,500.

  5. Rewards will payed out on a first come, first served basis.

  6. A gift voucher may be substituted for an entertainment fund that can be used for a quarterly event. Reach out to your account manager for further details.

  1. Dubber must have engaged with the customer and confirmed that the potential deal can be can be transacted to be eligible.

  2. Incentives will only be paid if Dubber has validated the opportunity with an authorised representative from the end customer, or conducted a demo or scheduled a demo with the customer, and established an intent to buy.

  3. Qualified opportunity definition. The end-customer must:
    a. Have an eligible service that Dubber can connect to
    b. Be registered at Companies House (or geographical equivalent)
    c. Agree to the Dubber general terms and conditions

  1. Rewards will be paid directly to partner employees as gift cards of their choice.

  2. Dubber is not liable for any taxes that result from the incentive payment. It is the partner company or individual partner employee’s responsibility to pay any taxes as a result of incentives paid.