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Unified Call Recording and Voice AI for Microsoft Teams
Unlock insights from any Microsoft Teams conversation for compliance, CX, coaching and dispute resolution.

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Dubber is the most compliant and secure call recording solution for Microsoft Teams with AI-enriched insights. Fully certified and native to Microsoft Teams with unlimited storage, no hardware, switch on with a click.

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Youll do more with dubber | Regulatory Compliance | icon
Proactive Compliance

Compliantly record every conversation. AI drives real-time surveillance and alerts on compliance breaches.

Youll do more with dubber | Boost customer engagement & satisfaction
Improve CX and service performance

Deep customer insights with sentiment analysis on every conversation. Automate customer satisfaction reporting.

Youll do more with dubber | Reduce revenue leakage. Resolve disputes.
Reduce costly customer disputes

Easily review every recording and transcription to see what was committed to effectively resolve disputes.

Youll do more with dubber | Coaching and training
Improve coaching and training

Capture every customer conversation for coaching and performance management

Youll do more with dubber | Boost productivity v2 | icon
Turbocharge Productivity

Eliminate time-wasting manual note taking with transcriptions that can be uploaded automatically to Salesforce.

Youll do more with dubber | Drive marketing & revenue outcomes
Eliminate costs

Eliminate legacy call recording hardware and maintenance costs and duplicate systems.


The world’s #1 Unified Call Recording & Voice AI Solution



Infinite scalability from a single platform, data sovereignty, and no additional costs. Network native - no hardware or complex services required to deploy


Capture and unify more communication modalities across all devices including voice, video, chat, SMS and text. 

Flexible SaaS plans

plans and subscription pricing for all organisations.

Advanced security, compliance & support

Service Provider grade security, compliance, reliability and 24x7 support.

marketplace | youll do more with dubber | laptop wih woman

From basic call recording to advanced conversational AI and speech analytics.

Whether deploying Dubber Notes for an immediate productivity boost and improved meetings - or, Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier for advanced, multi-language transcription and AI-enriched insights - Dubber has a solution purpose built for the smallest and largest of organisations. Leading functionality sets Dubber apart.


The future of call recording |Phone in hand
Real-time search

and discovery across all conversations

Automated analysis

and reporting of all calls and conversations

Beautiful transcripts

get you to the information and insights you need faster

Measure sentiment

by sentence and call period and categorise by seven key emotions

Custom notifications

alert nominated individuals when a call has negative sentiment

Share recording data and reports

and download via the app or Dubber web portal


in-app provisioning and user management 

Open API

allows for integration with applications, Big Data and more

Exclusive 3-Month Free Offer Terms & Conditions
  1. Sign up to a Dubber Premier subscription (normally $49.95 per user per month) by 31 July 2022 and receive the first three months free as a trial. If you registered for the 3 month trial offer, you will have access to the Dubber Premier service for the 3 month trial period.

  2. To claim the 3-month free trial offer, a minimum 12-month contract will apply from the start of the free trial date.

  3. At the end of the trial Period, the trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription in accordance with the terms of Your Order. If You wish not to proceed beyond the Trial Period, You must notify Dubber in writing no later than 24 hours before the end of the Trial Period that You do not wish to purchase a paid subscription for the Service, in which case Your Data will no longer be available to you from the end of the Trial Period, and You will be solely responsible for all Your compliance or regulatory obligations in connection with Your Data as applicable to You.

  4. Once the service is activated, no additional licences can be added to the free trial. Licences may be transferred to a new user on the same account provided this does not increase the total licence count.

  5. At the conclusion of the free trial, you may elect to downgrade to a lower cost plan. If this is done you will no longer have access to Dubber Premier features such as transcriptions and sentiment.

  6. If you wish to cancel the subscription at the end of the 12-month contract, you must provide at least 30 days of written notice prior to the end of the term. Otherwise, this Order will auto-renew every 12 months.

  7. Should you have any questions, please contact support@dubber.net

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Leading service providers differentiate and grow with Dubber. We enable Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI at the heart of the world’s leading networks and UC solutions.

Designed specifically for Service Provider networks and integrated seamlessly with your critical infrastructure, including Cisco Broadsoft, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect, mobile and more.