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The applications and uses of conversational data are endless. Discover how once captured and unified, your entire business will benefit from Unified Conversational Recording in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud.





Compliance Intelligence

100% compliance certainty delivered. Dubber ends not knowing and modernises compliant conversational capture for leading organisations globally.


Revenue Intelligence

Revenue up. Leakage down. End not know what was said, when and where. Resolve disputes with certainty. Accelerate sales productivity and effectiveness by improving training and coaching.


People Intelligence

It all starts with listening. Working from anywhere has reduced visibility into employee sentiment, wellbeing and performance. Monitor all collaboration channels to maintain conduct standards and safeguard against data loss. Replace hearsay with knowsay.


Customer Intelligence

Transform customer experience through intelligence. Real-time customer experience data from every conversation provides a vital lens into what’s working and what isn’t. Resolve disputes faster based on what was said. Enhance customer data sets with an accurate record of conversations. End not knowing.

More Use Cases


The step-by-step guide to achieving compliant conversations

Learn how Unified Call Recording can help organisations meet compliance mandates with this ultimate checklist guide to compliant conversations.


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