Cloud Call Recording And Voice AI For Education

When it comes to meeting the requirements and communication needs of thousands of students, call recording becomes imperative by simplifying operations, improving engagement, and encouraging collaboration.


Carol works as a senior manager, student engagement and support faculty at a leading University and is responsible for contact centers covering help desks, registrar’s offices, admissions offices, reservations desks and customer service teams. With a large team working alongside her, contact centers are responsible for providing front line services to students providing comprehensive information, advice and services in admissions, enrollments, completion and graduation information and so much more.


During peak enrollment season, and numerous calls coming in, a lot of these tasks and transactions brings risks to Carol and her teams, which includes:

Residential calls from students living on campus regarding service requests, queries and complaints
Staff unable to drive student recruitment, as the phone calls and admin tasks take up their time
Student enrollments not completed correctly and incorrectly informed as staff don’t have all the student information on hand
Disputes and queries related to fees and payments


With call recording and voice AI, Carol can:

Record and transcribe calls to resolve disputes and miscommunication
Record calls for compliance and verification of verbal transactions
Securely share call recordings with staff or other authorities
Increase operational effectiveness and reduce admin


With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, education providers can monitor processes and eliminate errors in details and communication. Cloud call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record keeping needs of operations and, most importantly, students. Additionally, voice AI can transcribe calls, analyze content and be alerted to caller sentiment, providing greater insight into student calls; enabling staff to plan for peak season accordingly.

Cost-effective and secure call capture solutions enable education providers to monitor processes and eliminate errors in details and communication.

Service Provider Use Cases

Dubber has a wide cross section of compliance and security features designed to give you peace of mind. To view Dubber's entire call recording feature suite, visit our Feature Page.

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