Meeting Recorder For Sales Managers

Whether your sales team works in B2B, B2C, or anywhere in between, it’s critical to make investments in your team. Sales people typically spend a significant amount of time in meetings and note taking doesn’t always capture insights provided. Meeting Recorder on the Dubber mobile app offers a way to capture team meetings and to use these replays as a training or coaching resource and as a follow up on any team action points.


Jack is a sales manager who manages a team of sales agents. He has weekly team catch-ups to hear about how his team are engaging and converting customers and new prospects, as well as sales agent 1:1s to ensure they are meeting their targets.


Jack has a lot of information on hand and keeping on top of everything communicated by each member of his team can be difficult when:

Jack wants meetings to be as quick and efficient as possible, without being distracted by taking notes
Nobody is assigned to take minutes or not all the information is captured
There are lots of facts and figures presented by each team member
Jack sometimes forgets to make a note of an important detail during the meeting


With Meeting Recorder, Jack can:

Maintain a detailed record of all meetings, allowing Jack to focus and participate, making meetings more valuable and effective
Access all of his recorded meetings at any time and on any device from the Dubber app, even when he is out of the office
Replay a meeting to review and confirm how a team member’s sales figures compare to their targets and other important details
Obtain and distribute a transcript of the meeting as a follow up explaining any action points


With Meeting Recorder, sales managers have the assurance that they have accurate and secure records of meetings stored in the cloud. These recordings are available to playback instantly, from any device, allowing sales managers to confirm important details. Additionally, voice AI can transcribe meetings, allowing sales managers to distribute transcripts to meeting attendees as follow-up actions.

Sales managers have the assurance that they have accurate and secure records of meetings stored in the cloud.

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