Voice AI For Sales Consultants

The digital era is changing the way salespeople work and what they most value: time, optimizing workflows and productivity. The best tool for sales management is one that most sales reps already carry — their smartphone.


Jane is a Sales Manager for an organization with a team of sales staff both on-field and inside sales taking calls in the office. The majority of their day is spent talking to people, whether it is on the phone or in meetings.


Between team meetings and 1:1s, Jane has found most of these conversations with customers provide highly valuable data for the organization, yet these data points are often not recorded. Reliant on sales staff and limited resources to produce results at all times, Jane finds keeping things productive and efficient a challenge when:

In between calls and meetings, sales reps attend to admin work, also taking up a lot of their time
High level of uncertainty throughout the sales process as there is no single view of the customer
On-field sales reps often take calls on their mobile, unable to take notes, share calls or refer to previous notes
There is no comprehensive overview across all calls and transcripts to make sales assessments or forecasts


With voice AI, sales departments can find value in transcribing phone calls, team meetings and conversations to generate insights from interactions with customers to:

Automate and optimize the sales process to capture customer data for insights
Make an informed decision based on data - offering more certainty
Onboard new sales reps, train them, coach them regularly and keep them motivated
Refer to a voice transcript if there is a dispute or details are missed/forgotten


Talking directly with customers is an important part of any sales cycle and sales calls are becoming even more critical to business success. With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution and voice AI call transcription available via a SaaS model, sales management can ensure they maintain an excellent reputation, and quality customer service. With voice AI transcription, sales reps can analyze content to understand what is or isn’t working with customers, which products and topics are gaining momentum and which ones are losing traction, and be alerted to caller sentiment, providing greater insight into client interactions — prompting sales reps to review and follow up to maintain excellent relationships.

With cost-effective and secure voice AI call transcription, sales management can ensure they maintain an excellent reputation, and quality customer service.

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