Playback: a Unique Product for Individuals

What is Playback? A unique product for individuals

Specially designed for individuals, Playback is a groundbreaking new product that gives users the gift of hindsight.

How does Playback work?

With Playback, users are able to browse and save calls from the last three days. Playback works across fixed line and mobile calls, allowing users to access all of their communications. Once the user decides to keep a call, a secure audio file is generated in the cloud and can be accessed through a mobile app, web app or deskphone app. This saved copy of a call is available for one year. For security, calls saved through Playback are available to safely share through an encrypted and tokenised platform.

Just like Dubber’s standard call recording services, calls saved through Playback are easily searchable. Users can add tags and comments to their stored calls to classify them, making it easier to search for specific information. With Smart Words, a feature of Zoe: Dubber’s speech intelligence, keywords are identified for each saved call — allowing users to skip through the call to the get to the important parts.

A unique product for individuals

With Playback, you are in full control of your calls: only you can listen to your calls, and you get to decide which calls you save. You’re only charged for the ones you keep. Playback’s whitelist and blacklist features allow you to automate the call saving process so you can choose to always keep or never keep calls with certain contacts. Personal calls can be left unsaved, while important clients are never forgotten.

For those with smart handsets, Playback can be added using Dubber’s Open API. This allows the functionality of the Playback app to be added to handsets capable of integration with 3rd parties. Playback can also be accessed on desk phones through microbrowsers that allow web access, or those with operating systems that allow app installation.

Designed for busy workers

Playback is designed for mobile workers who take calls on the go. Many sole traders do not have the luxury of taking calls at their desk and often conduct business while travelling between jobs. Playback gives them peace of mind that all those important details about their next job are safely stored for them to replay at their leisure. Here are some examples:

Sole Traders: Plumbers

Plumbers spend the majority of their time working remotely, or travelling from one client to another. Any calls they receive about new work are likely to be taken while they are working or driving, neither of which is convenient for noting down details such as the address. With Playback, a plumber is able to take a hands-free call while driving, safe in the knowledge that they can confirm an address later. At a time when they have returned to their desk and can note down important details, they can browse their call history and choose the calls they want to replay in order to confirm the details of the job.


Busy journalists spend much of their time calling sources and conducting interviews over the phone. Rather than trying to make notes during a call, where they might get distracted from the conversation, or miss important details, journalists can replay a conversation to write up an interview. In an industry where accuracy is crucial, knowing a phone call can be replayed at any time gives peace of mind to journalists who can be reassured that any quotes can be easily confirmed.

C-level Executives

Playback can make the life of everyone who conducts their business while on the go a whole lot easier. C-level executives who jump from one phone call to another, often taken while travelling between meetings, can benefit from the gift of hindsight that Playback brings. The ability to replay calls — anytime, anywhere — can save time writing follow-up emails to confirm details. Important business can be undertaken over the phone, with the knowledge that the voice equivalent of a paper trail is securely stored in the cloud.