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Dubber’s CPaaS
(Communications Platform As A Service)

White paper

The Dubber CPaaS white paper - UC call recording solution

Communications Platform as a Service

Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) is a cloud-based platform that enables real-time communications, such as voice calls and instant messaging, to be integrated into a developer’s own applications. CPaaS enables developers to seamlessly integrate communications features without the need to build back-end infrastructure or interfaces. Traditionally, real-time communications have only been accessible from purpose-built applications.

Advantages of CPaaS

CPaaS enables users to benefit from the integration of real-time communications into business systems, without spending any time or money installing the hardware required for legacy solutions. CPaaS integrations frequently offer software tools, APIs and pre-built applications, with constantly available tech support from the providers. CPaaS offers high availability and accessibility of business communications as a solution with no CapEx, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing models, high security, and multi-tenancy.

Recent years have seen the continuous development of CPaaS towards increased levels of innovation and functionality, for both service providers and end users.

Dubber's CPaaS solution

Dubber bring the benefits of advanced communication capture and diagnostic solutions to business communications in a fully managed platform. Through our use of a native cloud platform, Dubber are able to offer an evolutionary call recording and communication capture service. The native cloud platform opens up possibilities for additional product offerings, allowing the Dubber CPaaS to bring the benefits of cloud computing to communications through enabling seamless integrations. The benefits of a native cloud platform include rapid deployment, unlimited scalability, high security, no upfront costs, and an open API.

Dubber’s call recording solution is deployed as a service through service providers, enabling end users to capture communications from anywhere, any platform, and on any device. It can be integrated with business applications and scaled to fit individual requirements: creating a call recording service that is accessible to businesses of all sizes for the first time.

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