Evolution in Unified Communications

With intelligent software built on a native cloud platform, Dubber is so much more than your average
call recording provider. With unlimited scalability, no upfront costs and the added speech intelligence of Zoe,
Dubber’s solution enables you to provide new and exciting services to your business and to your customers.

Contact centre call recording

Unlimited scalability means contact centres of all sizes are able to fully benefit from Dubber’s native cloud platform.

Regulations and compliance

Dubber stays up to date with regulatory requirements to provide all the communication capture tools required for organisations to stay compliant.


Dubber supports users with PCI compliance and other security needs, working to ensure that sensitive content is not recorded.


With the scalability of our cloud call recording solution, our users benefit from unlimited storage: with no on-premise equipment required.

User Permissions

Dubber offers a choice of user account types, providing a flexible structure of permissions that keeps recordings safe and secure.


We provide the flexibility for admins to set up Dubber to suit the individual team structure of any business, with specific hierarchies corresponding to access permissions.


Dubber recordings are fully encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES-256).

Enterprise hybrid storage

Large enterprises with a regulatory requirement to use traditional storage can still benefit from Dubber.

Smart Search

Every one of your recordings, no matter how old, can be found in seconds with our search function.

Secure recording share

The Dubber share tool protects both access and privacy, while secure download is available.


Dubber leverages cutting edge cloud technologies to constantly develop our security practices and ensure that data is protected at every stage of the communication capture process, and beyond to storage and analysis.

Data sovereignty

Each Dubber region is a fully sovereign region: all data collected and stored is only accessible in that region, and data never passes between regions.

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