IBM Bring AI into the Discussion

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

2 August 2021

IBM Bring AI into the Discussion

The wisdom in words

With Watson AI at the core, Dubber AI automatically translates phone calls and video conferences into text, assigning each conversation with a positive, neutral or negative rating depending on the tone and type of language used on the call. Users of the platform, in turn, can then mine through this data using simple keyword searches or feed relevant content into custom dashboards.

The solution can even set up automated notifications for keywords that might demand immediate action. Imagine a call system for a bank — or other business demanding zero downtime — that will automatically notify supervisors if the word “offline” shows up in a conversation with a customer. And by analyzing the frequency of terms being used, other important details might emerge.

“We were working with a major automotive company in the UK,” recalls McGovern, “and within weeks of turning on Dubber, they identified a number of compliance gaps with regard to cash transactions which could have had a profound impact on the business. When noncompliant phrases like ‘let’s take that offline’ or ‘let me message you separately’ show up as patterns, it’s easy to see where employee and customer behavior is breaching company and compliance policies.”

IBM Watson® Speech to Text oversees the transcription duties of the service, while IBM Watson Tone Analyzer and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding deliver additional visibility into the underlying data contained within these conversations.

“We wanted to marry Dubber call recording, embedded with Watson AI, with the infrastructure of a telco network or UC [unified communications] solution — all at the price-point of a utility,” explains McGovern. “At a price enterprises and governments value.”

To deliver Dubber AI, the business coordinates with telecommunications providers across the globe, allowing users to activate the tool as a feature of their call or video conferencing plan. And to streamline this global service delivery — along with the underlying IBM technology — Dubber uses an IBM® Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA). “The ESA makes my life easier,” adds McGovern. “From a simplicity standpoint, I have one contract for the entire world. If I go into a new country, I’m not starting over.”

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