The art of conversation

We empower service providers with a platform that takes key Moments from any conversation on their network and converts them into Insights that deliver real business value.

We innovate around Moments

While the way in which we communicate is constantly changing, the fundamental nature of conversations between people never changes. Within the context of any particular conversation, there will always be key Moments that provide new intelligence, inspire a new course of action or deepen understanding of a particular scenario.

These Moments are the cornerstones of Conversation Intelligence:


We identify a Moment within a conversation


We gain a deeper understanding of the Moment within the context of the conversation


We connect Moments across all conversations to deliver insights that help make informed business decisions


Keeping you at the forefront of the AI revolution

AI means many things to many people. At Dubber, AI is all about unlocking the full value of conversations that take place across service provider networks.

With ongoing advancements in AI and other emerging technologies, the possibilities are vast and exciting.

When connected to Dubber’s platform, you get access to cutting-edge new ways of understanding and analysing conversations as soon as they are released. This ensures you can deliver products and solutions that put you at the very forefront of the field.

And with unprecedented data to train our Dubber AI engine in the creation of actionable business insights, Dubber continues to lead the world in conversation intelligence innovation.

Dubber’s AI Labs

Our dedicated team of AI researchers, led by our Director of AI, Dr. Iain McCowan, focuses on how we can help communication service providers drive more value from the network.

Team up with us to deliver more value
Our team researches and validates the latest AI innovations, which are then released into our production pipeline. They also work closely on innovations with communication service providers to prove out concepts and validate opportunities. Our research team also works directly with the AI product teams from our major technology partners and participates and contributes to AI research projects with universities and governments.

Responsible AI

Our AI systems embody intentional design, adhering to social norms, and legal frameworks while proactively preventing misuse. They prioritise privacy, obtaining informed consent, and incorporating safeguards while providing transparent controls for data usage. Addressing bias is central to our AI systems, striving for equality, and actively countering societal disparities and stereotypes. We prioritise accountability to people, acknowledging our responsibility for the impact of our technology and upholding our guiding principles.

It all starts with a conversation.

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