Welcome to Dubber, the world’s leader in conversation capture and intelligence.

Already embedded in many networks and unified communication solutions globally, Dubber enables any organisation to unlock rich insights from conversations across multiple channels.

Dubber Trust Centre

Our globally-proven, network-grade recording platform captures billions of minutes of content and conversational data across nearly 200 Communication Service Provider networks globally. We are committed to customer data protection at the highest level.

How it all began

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, three friends came up with the idea over a few glasses (red bottles) of wine. Co-Founders Steve McGovern (CEO), James Slaney (COO), and Adrian Di Pietrantonio (EVP) all worked in the Telco sector.

They were working with an Australian Service Provider who had committed to the ACCC (Australian regulator) to record all their in-bound call centre traffic. The trio realised just how expensive it was to record conversations and equally how laborious it was to retrieve the data. They saw the technology opportunity, did something novel in call recording, and built the entire global-scale platform by making it cloud-native.

In 2013 Dubber raised $6m, which backed the first release of call recording. Then Dubber listed on the (ASX: DUB) in 2015 and created Unified Call Recording as a Service – now available on the most significant technology platforms in the world.

The journey has just begun.

Dubber Careers

Do work you’ll be proud of, in a place you’ll be proud of.

Leadership Team

Steve McGovern
Managing Director
James Slaney
Co-founder and COO
Adrian Di Pietrantonio
Co-founder and EVP, Global Channels
Kimberley Axon
Chief People Officer
Andrew Demery
Chief Financial Officer
Russell Evans
Chief Revenue Officer / Global Sales Director
Steven Willson
Chief Technology Officer

It all starts with a conversation.

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