Dubber Moments: Service Delivery

Unlocking the power of conversations for local government

Enabling local governments to capture, categorise, and present a consolidated view of all service requests. Empowering them with invaluable insights to better understand their community’s service needs.

Designed specifically for Global local governments



Local governments worldwide are setting their sights on creating digitally enabled and data-driven organisations that are designed to serve their customers in revolutionary new ways.

Use of cloud-based technology and AI

Councils are increasing the use of technology to engage with residents for feedback collection and customer service enhancements.


Dubber Moments: Service Delivery, is in-sync with the future direction of local government, leveraging digital capability, data integration, and AI. It equips them to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

Data-driven insights enhance local government customer service to the community

Efficiency and resource allocation

Dubber Moments: Service Delivery, streamlines call categorisation, empowering local governments to allocate resources effectively.

Enhance coaching precision

Leveraging advanced AI, these data insights provide managers with robust tools and insights to enable effective training and coaching, and to foster continuous improvement.

Improve residents customer experience

Dubber Moments: Service Delivery, categorises resident calls, aiding in promptly addressing residents’ urgent needs and contributing to an enhance community experience.

Making limited local government budgets go further with Dubber Moment: Service Delivery

Streamline funding and resource allocation

Managers gain a clearer understanding of call topic distribution and service request context, influencing new initiatives and programs across multiple government departments.

Data-driven decision-making

Invaluable statistics facilitate quick actions to streamline operations, minimise inefficiencies, and proactively address areas for improvement.

Staff shortage in a competitive job market

With actionable insights at their fingertips, management can make informed choices that prioritise the training and wellbeing of employees, deploy cutting edge technology to attract talent, and strengthen an organisation’s foundation of trust and support.

Devonport City Council boosts service delivery with Dubber Moments

“We were enthusiastic about collaborating closely with Dubber on their Moments initiative to leverage additional artificial intelligence capabilities within the solution. Each of our voice calls captures a wealth of valuable content, and utilising AI to pinpoint moments of complaint within these calls, where service issues within the community may be identified, holds significant value”

Learn more about how Devonport and Dubber used AI-powered Moments to change the way their call centre interacted with residents – and provided valuable insights to make data-based decisions.

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