Dubber Moments: Abuse

Empower employee wellbeing through Insights

Designed for socially responsible organisations dedicated to fostering a safer work environment and who prioritise employee safety and wellbeing through actionable AI insights

Improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees with Dubber Moments: Abuse

Comprehensive insights

Our advanced AI algorithms dive deep into the fabric of your conversations, uncovering hidden insights that traditional methods simply can’t capture. By analysing the context of the entire conversation, we provide a comprehensive view that helps you make informed decisions.

Categorise abusive behaviour within conversations

Abuse can significantly impact your employees’ morale, productivity and mental health. Benefit from advanced analytics that provide in-depth understanding of abuse within your organisation.

Improve employee wellbeing and safety

With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can make informed choices that prioritise the wellbeing of your employees and strengthen your organisation’s foundation of trust and support.

Cultivate a proactive culture of respect, empathy, and care

Detect abuse

Dubber Moments: Abuse, leverages advanced AI technology to detect and analyse abusive behaviour within conversations.

Identify topics

Shed light on these harmful incidents by providing valuable insights into the topic areas of abuse to cultivate a proactive culture of respect, empathy, and care.

Gain insights

Dubber Moments: Abuse identifies potentially abusive exchanges allowing organisations to make data-driven decisions to promote a safe and more positive work environment.


Benefits of deploying Dubber Moments: Abuse

Insights for employee wellbeing

Obtain insights into your employees’ challenges, guiding efforts to enhance workplace culture, satisfaction, and productivity.

Improved customer relations

Identify problematic client interactions to handle them effectively, fostering healthier client relationships and a robust company reputation.

Data-driven decisions

Benefit from advanced analytics that provide in-depth understanding of abuse within your organisation, enabling targeted strategies for a more respectful and positive work environment.

It all starts with a conversation.

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