Unlock intelligence from every conversation with Dubber AI

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

18 October 2021

Unlock intelligence from every conversation with Dubber AI

Capture more than an mp3, video, or flat transcript - unlock the power of Conversational Intelligence with Dubber AI.

Conversational Intelligence: beyond basic recording and transcription to an enriched data-set of words, speakers, emotions, languages, and themes. With these meaning-enriched data sets, users can create and trigger real-time automated actions and workflows.

Download our Dubber AI whitepaper to find out:

  • How to unlock comms channel data silos with Unified Conversational Recording

  • How we embed Dubber AI into every conversation; to hit compliance mandates, plus fuel revenue, people, and customer intelligence

  • What’s under the hood in Dubber AI & the Voice Intelligence Cloud

  • Use cases & best practices for Dubber AI-enhanced conversational analysis & actions - improve customer experience, boost employee performance, heighten fraud detection, and more

Capture conversations, enrich with AI for the full picture, surface dataset insights in real-time, and create trigger-based actions on conversations as they happen.

Here’s how Dubber AI does it.

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