End not knowing what was said with Automatic Language Detection

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

14 July 2021

End not knowing what was said with Automatic Language Detection

Your customers, suppliers, partners and people can be and are often dispersed across countries, time zones, markets and currencies.

At Dubber, we’re acutely aware of this, operating globally, working with businesses of all sizes across 50+ countries. We serve a plethora of product markets ranging from multinational FSI customers to local veterinarian groups.

After listening to the needs of our diverse customers, a common challenge emerged. How do we solve the problem of multiple languages being spoken on a call recording?

The value of solving this pain point is the difference between success or failure because the difference between a churning customer or an upgrading one can be seconds. According to a 2020 report U.S. companies lose $136.8 billion per year due to avoidable consumer switching (Forrester).

Enabling automatic language detection

Today, we’re launching another first - Dubber Automatic Language Detection!

Automatic language detection automagically verifies, recognises, and validates the primary speaker in the recorded call and effectively resolves the dominant language spoken to the Dubber Voice-AI dynamically.

This means transcriptions, sentiment, tone and alerts align to the detected language - and are then dynamically updated within the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud to appear in your Dubber portal and app instantly after the call.

Try it now!

Automatic language detection is empowering one of our customers operating in the global financial markets to dramatically improve their customer and people experiences and meet compliance mandates. Across 13 different spoken languages, their people now focus on driving value from engagements aligned to their customers desired spoken language.


Automatic language detection is now available with any Dubber Premier subscription starting at $49.95 (USD) per user per month. To learn more about this feature or more about Dubber, visit or reach out to a Dubber sales representative at www.dubber.net.

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