Three Services, One Answer on AT&T

Adrian Di Pietrantonio

Adrian Di Pietrantonio

22 February 2021

Three Services, One Answer on AT&T

Today we announced another major deployment of Dubber - this time at the heart of one of the world’s largest networks - AT&T.

Dubber will be launching compliant Unified Call Recording and Voice AI on 3 AT&T Networks: AT&T IP Toll-Free Network, AT&T Hosted Voice Service and Cisco Webex Calling with AT&T Business in the United States. What makes AT&T so special is that they are the first of the major service providers to deliver on the promise of Dubber Unified Call Recording.

It's an unequivocal validation of our strategy to enable conversations to be captured across multiple end-points and unified in the Dubber Voice Intelligence cloud.

This reflects how modern businesses operate. We jump from calls on Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex to responding to customers on mobile devices and taking calls in service centres. What is crucial - for compliance, productivity, and visibility - is that all those calls can be integrated into one place and used to enrich systems of record like Salesforce.

That's how, with AT&T, we can end not knowing for any business of any size. And that's equally true for state and local government and education.

A Unified Approach.

Dubber is the only Unified Call recording and Voice AI solution running across multiple AT&T Voice business services – creating one place for all voice, video and text data to be harvested and leveraged instantly.

  1. AT&T IP Toll-Free 

  2. AT&T Hosted Voice Services 

  3. Cisco Webex Calling with AT&T

Native + Cloud = Advantage

Business, state and local government have been trapped for years on legacy call recording solutions often requiring hardware, storage (that increases in costs the more you record) and only connected to specific applications.

Together with AT&T, we will enable customers to capture conversations from any eligible end-point - a simple feature add-on, and then AI-enrich and store their voice data in one place. They’ll be able to access all this safely and securely, meeting critical compliance and regulatory mandates.

Data is immediately available to analyze and to pull key insights from. Key insights that make material improvements to business operations, customer experience, and compliance mandates, all of which takes place in a vastly more dispersed work environment than ever before.

As a simple and easy to deploy feature upgrade, Dubber Unified Call Recording and Voice AI can be added to any of the listed AT&T services. Customers can easily connect voice data - including conversational content, sentiment analytics and call meta-data to big data sets, applications such as Salesforce, and more.

Central to the Dubber on AT&T offering is compliance. Not just that experienced by Financial Services enterprise and others in regulated industries, but also regulations such as PCI and HIPPA. Answering the broad range of compliance mandates faced by a business means Dubber on AT&T addresses every element of compliance - from how calls are recorded to what data is retained to how data is stored.

So take a look at Dubber on AT&T and give us feedback.

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