Dubber PCI Comply for Service Providers

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Dubber PCI Comply enable billions of dollars in phone payments globally securely and compliantly on the worlds leading communication networks. Backed by Dubber’s proven cloud technology, support and carrier grade reliability, Dubber PCI Comply scales to address the needs of the smallest, or largest, call centre environments.



Trusted by leading Service Providers, UCaaS & CCaaS platforms

Industry-leading service and communication platforms differentiate and trust Dubber PCI Comply to process, protect and store their customers’ regulated data

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How Dubber PCI Comply works on your communications network

Dubber PCI Comply enables your communication network to process billion of dollars in phone payments empowering you to deliver an enhanced customer experiences, best of breed security and data protection and meet regulatory compliance mandates.



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The Customer talks to a contact centre agent and wishes to make a payment using a Credit or Debit Card. The agent asks them to type in their payment card details using their telephone keypad. If the customer is unable to use their telephony keypad the solution can capture the payment information by voice while still maintaining PCI compliance.

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At all times the agent stays on the line to continue the conversation and stay in close contact with your customer. As the customer presses the keys, the agent sees asterisks in real time on the user interface.

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The card information itself is captured within the Dubber PCI Comply platform before being passed on to the Payment Service Provider (PSP). The agent is notified if your payment has been approved or rejected. Without any payment card data to protect, your obligations to comply with PCI DSS are dramatically reduced and your current business workflow continues.


Live Agent Payment

Dubber PCI Comply is a quick and cost-effective solution to achieve efficient PCI DSS compliance wherever you are taking payments. It offers an intuitive experience that is highly customer-friendly and easy to adopt for your agents while staying out of the way of your business processes.

Dubber PCI Comply is natively integrated with your network or communication platform to prevent card data from ever entering your contact centre environment.

IVR Payment

Dubber PCI Comply works seamlessly with IVR contact flows enabling simple process automating, including PCI payments.

A fully interactive workflow leaves you in control of the customer experience while enabling data security and PCI Compliance.

Chat Payment

Dubber PCI Comply can also make your Chat (or LEX) payments fully compliant using the same simple integration.

Dubber Chat payments support both agent assisted and fully automated bot payments.

Protect your customer's crucial payment information in one platform



Differentiate with Dubber PCI Comply for Service Providers & Communication Platforms
  • Network native: no hardware or complex services required to deploy. Provision and onboard in minutes

  • Infinitely scalable: cloud-based delivery just as any service provider service is

  • Integratable: with billing and provisioning services for ease of deployment

  • Service provider grade reliability and support: purpose-built for service providers

  • Innovative & differentiated services: Offer Compliant payments & Call Recording as a Service

  • Drive demand & create new revenue: Meet the demand for cloud enabled contact centre solutions as well as unified conversational recording and tap into new revenue streams

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Remove compliance complexity and deliver crucial outcomes on your services  

Zero card data empowering customer and agent experience outcomes

Integrated with your network, Dubber PCI Comply prevent card data from ever entering your customers’ contact centre environment. Enabling easier achievement and maintenance of cost-effective PCI DSS compliance. What’s more, the intuitive user interface is both customer-friendly and easy for agents to use, empowering both customer and agent enhanced experience.

Secure, compliant and approved - Peace of mind for your customers

How you record is just as important as how you store and archive recordings. Compliance can be complex, Dubber helps your customers compliantly store recordings the right way. We have multiple certifications to help you evidence that your recordings are accurately recorded and stored. Including BS10008, the certification which proves that recordings have been stored to standards of evidential integrity.

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PCI DSS compliance matters to your customers


Are you or your customers processing, storing and transmitting cardholder information on your network?

Businesses must protect cardholder information and store data inline with regulatory compliance mandates known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Secure and approved

Dubber PCI Comply is VISA Europe-approved, fully hosted secure payments platform uses DTMF suppression and integrates at the service provider network level to prevent card data from ever entering your contact centre environment. This award winning solution provides an effortless way to minimise the cost and complexity of attaining and maintaining PCI compliance.


Pause and Resume Technologies are not PCI DSS compliant

Pause and Resume technologies simply prevent card details from being stored in call recordings. Dubber PCI as well as Dubber Speik solutions prevent the transmission, storage and processing of any card data through your entire enterprise.

This means that most of the 12 PCI DSS requirements are no longer applicable, therefore reducing risk and time to compliance. With NO payment card data in the infrastructure, PCI DSS compliance can be achieved with minimaltime, effort and costs.

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