Do more with every call on Cisco

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

20 October 2020

Do more with every call on Cisco

Cisco customers across their Webex® Calling, UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services can unlock the power of voice data with Unified Call Recording and voice AI from Dubber. Automatically capture any call, receive a complete transcript, and access insights – from keyword alerts to sentiment analysis. You can even automate workflows and export data to dashboards and applications like Salesforce and Tableau through Dubber’s open API.

Legacy call recording and analytics restricted basic call recording to specific applications and a limited range of devices – often requiring costly storage and with poor scaling potential. Dubber is fully native to Cisco Webex® Calling and can support UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services too. As a cloud platform, Dubber’s Unified Call Recording doesn’t require any on-premise hardware or software: radically reducing costs and unlocking infinite scalability. Whether you’re considering moving to the cloud, or you want to future-proof your on-premise or hybrid solution, Dubber call recording is available to you. We create the ideal cloud environment, all in one solution.

Four things you can do when you turn calls into data

Unified Call Recording from Dubber is optimized for compliance with regulatory directives such as MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, PCI DSS, and Cisco’s CASPRx. But the benefits don’t end there. Many businesses are choosing to record their calls to learn more about their customers and to identify opportunities to reduce churn, sharpen investment decisions, and inform business development.

Transforming calls into data through transcription opens up huge potential for analysis and allows voice data to be integrated with existing business systems:

  1. Faster time to conversations and activity: Quickly review transcriptions and use instant search to find conversations

  2. Instantly report on customer and employee experience: See sentiment ratings for every conversation, including individual emotions

  3. Unify voice data with big data: Export call data for analysis within data visualization tools. Integrate call data within Salesforce and other CRM tools to build detailed customer profiles

  4. Real-time alerting and notifications: Monitor when keywords are spoken during a call to track campaigns or potential issues. Create automated alerts for negative calls to help reduce churn and increase customer loyalty

How easy is it to connect?

Getting the benefits of Unified Call Recording and AI takes minutes and requires no on-premise equipment or storage. It’s as easy as using your existing Cisco solution.

If you’re considering call recording for your Webex® Calling, UCM-C, HCS, or CUCM solution, sign up today by ordering directly from Cisco – we’re listed on Cisco Commerce Web (CCW). 

You can also talk to one of our team if you’d like more information. And, if you are a Cisco reseller, we're here to help you.


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