IdP SSO: Enabling enterprise-grade security, controls and flexibility

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

5 March 2021

IdP SSO: Enabling enterprise-grade security, controls and flexibility

To protect and enable their employees, enterprises need to enable productivity without compromising on security. With centralised security controls, enterprises can grant access to business tools and applications without the headache of different login credentials for each system. In order to reduce IT complexity while retaining full control over employee access, enterprises are working with identity providers for their workforce.

Password fatigue is all too common, with the explosion of workflow applications and software tools that we use each day. It’s no surprise that password fatigue often results in credentials being recycled across multiple platforms and services. In fact, 80% of data breaches are caused by stolen, weak or default passwords. Identity providers not only relieve the burden of password fatigue but also mitigate risk of data breaches.

This is why our latest platform release includes the enablement of identity provider single sign-on (IdP SSO). This new functionality enables businesses to manage access to recordings on the Dubber platform through their existing identity provider (IdP).

IdPs create and maintain identity information for users within an enterprise, enabling them to authenticate access to business applications. When a business deploys an IdP, access to applications can be centrally managed through the IdP rather than requiring a separate authentication process for each application.

Take control of access to recordings

This new feature gives overarching control to enterprises. Just as they do with other applications within their business, systems administrators now have the option to grant their users access to the Dubber platform and customise this access at any time, using their chosen IdP – setting their own authentication requirements, access permissions or restrictions.

Users with correct permissions can use single sign-on (SSO) to access the Dubber platform with their IdP credentials. With access granted through the IdP, any advanced access controls such as multi-factor authentication, password strength, IP block-list or time restrictions will apply to Dubber.

Enable IdP SSO today

New Dubber customers can configure IdP SSO during account creation while existing customers can add this functionality by requesting it through their service provider, account manager, or support contact. Once IdP SSO is enabled, this will be the only authentication process that will allow access to the Dubber platform.

Contact your Dubber account representative or our support team for more information on how you can enable IdP SSO.

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