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Make a seamless transition to the cloud from MediaSense

Author: Sian Hunter
Published on August 19, 2020

If you’re a Cisco customer, chances are you’ve used MediaSense. This built-in call recorder came as part of Cisco products to capture your phone conversations. 

MediaSense is nearing the end of its days. Cisco stopped selling the call recorder back in 2017 and this year will be formally ending its support for both 10.x and 11.x versions.

I’ve been relying on MediaSense, what should I do?

The official deadline for the end of MediaSense is October 31st 2020. If you’ve been relying on it to record your calls, the time is now to look for a new solution. And we’re here to help. Dubber joined Cisco in 2019 to provide Unified Call Recording and voice AI services for their Webex Calling service and we now support their UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services. 

We offer pain-free migration for all of your MediaSense recordings to our cloud platform, and the chance to upgrade to the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, with no need to invest in any new equipment. We record directly from the Cisco network so all calls are recorded, whether they happen on a fixed line, mobile device, or IP connection. Our services are available on a subscription model so there is no long-term commitment required.

How does Dubber compare to MediaSense?

MediaSense Dubber
Records high quality audio directly from the network Records high quality audio directly from the network
Scales up to 1000 simultaneous audio sessions across recording, playback, and live streaming No limits on scalability across minute allowance, playback, or storage
Built-in search and play of recordings Instant search and play of recordings
APIs simplify the development and integration of value-added applications by Cisco partners Open API allow for limitless development and integration opportunities within any other application
Recordings archived to SFTP servers All recordings stored in the cloud with unlimited storage, customisable data retention periods, and enterprise controls
In-browser playback In-browser playback as well as playback in web and mobile app
Search for recordings by agent ID, agent extension, or agent first or last name Search for recordings by agent data, keyword spoken during a call, sentiment rating
Administrators can configure the specific agent data to be displayed with recordings Administrators can configure custom dashboards to analyse performance across a team or the whole business at a glance
Load balancing between MediaSense servers for record and playback optimises platform resources Load balancing between multiple data centres within a region optimises platform resources
Fibre Channel storage area network Native cloud platform
Retention policies provide storage for a configurable period, with automated deletion on a rolling basis Retention policies provide storage for a configurable period, with automated deletion on a rolling basis
Operating modes allow optimisation of storage No need to optimise with unlimited storage
Easy export and access by other applications Easy export and access by other applications
Tagging of calls to facilitate subsequent search and playback Tagging of calls to facilitate subsequent search and playback
Built-in upgrade support enables straightforward migration to newer versions of the platform Upgrades are automatically released to recorders and the platform, with no need for migration
Licensed by the number of concurrent recordings Licensed by number of recorded users with the ability to scale pricing flexibly based on required functionality


  • By upgrading to the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud every call is fully transcribed with sentiment analysis
  • Customer alerts based on call content
  • Compatible with Webex Calling, UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services

The Dubber platform is efficient and cost effective: with an open API for easy provisioning and integration with other business tools such as Tableau. We have ready-to-use Google Data Studio templates, and will soon be launching a dedicated Salesforce app. Our secure and scalable cloud platform offers long-term, unlimited storage that can help with regulatory compliance – with no restrictions on the amount of minutes recorded or stored.

Once you record your calls with Dubber, you get access to our Voice Intelligence Cloud – fully transcribing every single call and enriching call transcripts with detailed information about caller sentiment and tone – even identifying seven different emotions. This data opens up the potential for businesses to gain valuable insights from their voice data, search for calls by keyword, and automate processes based on what was said during a phone call.

Try out Dubber call recording and voice AI for free

To ease the transition to the cloud, we are offering free recording migration to all MediaSense users as well as free call recording for the first 90 days. Make sure you don’t lose out on the critical function of recording your calls and contact Dubber to access the free offer. 

We offer three plans to suit your call recording requirements, along with increased support services. You can stack as many licenses as you need, there are no minimums required. Each license comes with unlimited recording minutes, and unlimited storage – making it perfect for compliance with industry regulations.

Want to know more? Learn about migrating from MediaSense.

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