Playback – the answer to forgetfulness

Team Dubber 3

Team Dubber 3

12 December 2018

Playback – the answer to forgetfulness

Have you ever put the phone down and forgotten what the last point was? What was the last item you are meant to pick up on the way home? When is that report due? Playback by Dubber is the answer.

These days, many of us are working on the go. If you’re driving or running from one place to the next, grabbing a pen and paper isn’t really an option, so you’re left with having to call the person back, or try and remember the details of the call.

Have the conversation over and over – in a good way!

Playback allows you to save your calls, with the option to keep the call for up to 3 days after it took place. Once you’ve chosen to keep the call, you can listen to it as many times as you like via the Dubber app on your phone. Once you’ve decided to keep the call, a secure audio file is generated, which only you can access.

Claim it as your own

Playback is available to service providers to white label as their own for their customers. The Dubber App can also be customized with your own branding.

Connect via Dubber Connect

If you’re with Cox Business or AT&T, ask your account admin to enable Playback for you and start Playing-back straight away. Your boss and spouse will think your memory has improved immeasurably!

Playback is great for busy people on the go, people who hate taking notes and meeting minutes and those of us who are just a bit forgetful sometimes.

Contact us for more information on Playback today!

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