A day to note

James Slaney

James Slaney

19 September 2021

A day to note

Where Dubber leads in capturing every call, video, and chat – then turning it into a source of value; Notiv has been pioneering the use of AI to make every meeting more productive and efficient.

So what does this mean for Dubber?

First, we gain an exciting and proven product built to answer a compelling use case – making meetings better. Notiv will help Dubber convert a higher proportion of our addressable market within our existing networks and new communications services that want this functionality on their networks.

Enhanced productivity can benefit everybody – however they are communicating and whatever the use case. For example, a tradesperson on a mobile phone could instantly capture customer requests and share the actions. Likewise, C-level executives could use Notiv to note and capture actions in a planning meeting.

Second, we can drive significant adoption of Notiv through our industry-leading base of partners and customers. Notiv is a compelling new service, enabling them to drive incremental revenue and differentiation. Notiv will also be a magnet for new service providers, increasing the value of our industry-first Foundation Partner program.

Third, Notiv will provide Dubber with a world-class team with deep expertise in AI and data science. Together we will accelerate our overall product roadmap and capabilities and advance our AI, digital signal processing and natural language processing technologies. Notiv furthers our leadership in capturing and transforming conversations between one person and another – and large groups of people in a meeting.

We are continuing to unlock the potential of AI on every end-point and enabling our service and solution providers to make the critical shift from selling connections to extracting the value in every conversation on their networks.

And they’ll now be able to do that with Dubber Notiv on the same hyper-secure, scaleable and compliant infrastructure that Dubber has made available in over 150 service providers globally – and all the worlds leading UC solutions.

I’ve been using Notiv for the past few months, and it’s impressive. It’s magical seeing the meeting being transcribed in real-time – and then having the ability to highlight important parts of the meeting.


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