Now record video on Webex Meetings

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

18 August 2021

Now record video on Webex Meetings

Record, replay, reveal AI-enriched insights. Buy now and get the first six months of video recording on us!

We recently announced our global first Foundation Partnership with Cisco, which saw Dubber personal and confidential cloud call recording embedded as a standard feature for Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM). 

As of today, you’ll be able to compliantly capture video conversations on Webex Meetings. You’re now able to record, replay and reveal insights from every crucial business conversation across voice and video calls. 


Comply & end not knowing

How often have you had a team or customer meeting and wished you could go back and review key points? Or share it with your team for coaching or training? That’s one use case for recording video. 

Clearly, nobody is going to do this all the time so having real-time search and scalable storage is critical. 

But what if that same content sent you signals – alerts and notifications when key phrases or words were used? Instantly managers would know they needed to dive into a conversation and check what was being said. Compliance leaders would have instant visibility to the businesses compliance standing and evidence requirements were being met. HR managers could easily check in on issues and get instant employee sentiment data.

Dubber makes all of this possible for the first time with nearly endless use cases. In simple terms, this means everyone in the business benefits. Take customer dispute resolution. Now with an instantly available record of the conversation, it’s easy to know what was said. And with Dubber you’ll be able to see phone calls, video and more in one place.


You need more than a basic recorder

The alternative is basic personal call recording solutions sometimes included with applications. These solutions are limited in capturing, authorising, managing, and facilitating compliant call recording. And they don’t enable all your calls – including those outside of Cisco Webex, to be recorded, replayed and analysed in one place.

Dubber delivers meaningful transcriptions, analytics, legal hold, and intelligent keyword search, saving time on investigations, discovery, as well as prompting actionable intelligence, effectively designed to solve business-critical outcomes. 

We already see substantial early demand around video dominant use cases like telehealth, video-based customer support services, HR, recruiting, and live event streaming.


What’s included in Dubber on Webex Meetings?

For an add-on price of $25 (USD) per user/month, the Dubber platform now enables capturing every video conversation stored in the Voice Intelligence Cloud. The Video add-on pack comes with 100GB storage as standard for each user. In addition, for power users who need augmented storage, businesses can purchase the Video Storage add-on, which comes in 1TB packs for only $100 (USD) per account/month.       


The first six months of video recording on us!

For a limited time, all Webex Meetings Dubber Premier subscription plans will get the video add-on pack free for 6months with every 12-month subscription! Easily capture video recordings and data revealing instant insights, analytics, transcriptions, sentiment and tone analysis, with all Dubber’s platform capabilities unleashed. To order now, speak to your Cisco Partner or visit Dubber on Webex Meetings.


Chat to us to learn more

To learn more about Dubber on Webex Meetings and help you and your business stay ahead in the hybrid work environment, book a short consulting session with our Dubber on Cisco specialist.

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